The Not-So-Secret Life of Executive Moms

The client calls me on my cell phone as I pick up another fifth grade girl on the carpool route.

Did they get me at a bad time? Oh, no, of course not. Do I have a minute? Sure, now is a great time to discuss their issues.

I listen attentively and try desperately to sound professional as I outline the various solutions to their dilemma. The background noise belies my credibility.

“No, I am not at my desk right now,” I am forced to confess. “But I can check out the web site of the infringers of your trademark and have my opinion out to you by the end of the day.”

Unfortunately I did not hear the reply as a loud shriek of delight erupted from the back seat.

“Please feel free to call me back after you have had a chance to review my letter,” I rapidly speak into the phone and hang up just as a peal of laughter makes the windows reverberate.

The invitation: “Mom, listen to this!” turns my attention to what really matters.
I smile into the rear view mirror, “What’s going on?”

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