Success Stories

“Kathy Procario (of Southern Living at Home) and I met at the Business Pink – Flat Iron Building Meeting in February 2010. We just ‘connected,’ sharing similar thoughts about the venue. We exchanged cards, and contacted each other immediately. An additional get together, the following week, resulted in an exchange of ideas, referrals, MORE networking together and whole lot of helping each other out. Kathy and I stay in regular contact now, sharing the vicissitudes of business ownership.”

— Marcia Sloman, Under Control

Three Bags Full” is what the “technician” from the fabulous service aptly named “Doody Calls” told me was her total haul from my backyard !

I’m a dog sitter with a large backyard. During the bad winter weather, I naughtily stayed warm by the fire instead of doing my duty after the dogs did theirs. As my success in the dog sitting business grew, so did the pile of “poopsicles” in the backyard. I became overwhelmed and unable to handle the mess on my own. Relief was just a call away. Audra Sichler’s service came and took the matter out of my hands and off my head.

I have kept my promise to myself to never let that happen again, but I know that if I do, Doody Calls has my back.

Thanks Audra!

— Amy Edelstein, Business Pink Board Member

I went to my very first BusinessPink® event about a year ago at the Alexander Hamilton House in Croton-on-Hudson. Being very shy and not knowing anyone in the rooms full of nearly 75 women, I was pleasantly surprised at how warmly I was welcomed and how the hosts and attendees made me feel right at home. During that event I met Randi Schlesinger of RS Identity Design and since that time she has recommended me for couple of projects that she didn’t have time for. It has been a very worthwhile group for me to be involved with. The members of BusinessPink® truly look to help each other in their businesses.

—Lynn Amos, Principal, Fyne Lyne Ventures


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